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Why Alpharetta
International Academy?

By Mrs. Lenore Meeks

Why did we decide to enroll our boys in a Montessori school? The answer is simple, we wanted the best for our boys, and we believe there is no better education than a Montessori-based education.

As parents, we believe their education is our responsibility - our boys are placing the responsibility of their education in our hands. We are the brokers of their future, and we wanted to make sure we enroll them in a place where they will yield the greatest return.

We looked for an environment where our boys would be taught and nourished with excitement and encouragement. And, we wanted our boys to grow in an environment that offers them the freedom to actively explore the world around them while they learn.



A child, age three, walks into the classroom, pauses for a moment to look around the room, and greets his teacher with a delightful "Good Morning!"...